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How to download WINBOX?

Updated: Sep 20

STEP 1: Download “WINBOX” App

For IOS user -

For Android user - ​ Once Completed the installation of “WINBOX” into your phone, you need to create your own WINBOX account ​ Click “New User Registration” button, scan the recommender QR code or export the QR code directly from the photo in your album ​ If you do not have any referrer, please click “Register as a Visitor” button to register your account.

STEP 2: Create your own WINBOX UID

UID is the account username for login into APP WINBOX ​ When entering the registration page, you need to create a new login ID and required to set a password ​ UID last three characters cannot be all numbers, and the first character must start with a letter (a-z) and the length required at least 6 and maximum 15 characters. (For eg: abcd88 or abc1d23) ​ Password need to be at least 6 digits, Can either all in numbers or letters mix with numbers. (For eg: 123488 or abc123)

STEP 3: Binding your phone number and email address

Once you completed setting your own UID and Password. ​ Click “Next” to enter the binding page ​ Fill up with your mobile phone number or email address in order to receive the verification code ​ Once you completed all the above steps, CONGRATULATIONS you created your own WINBOX Account.

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